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We are looking for a Lead Product Manager who will love BeaTrust's product and will be committed to maximizing ROI while working hand-in-hand with clients and teams in a mini-CEO-like role. At the moment, two of our founding members are concurrently leading product management. However, as we foresee a limitation to this, we feel that the timing is right for a full-time Product Manager to take on this role. To begin, you will be responsible for taking over existing operations and developing the product management necessary for the further growth of BeaTrust.

Job Description

Having decided to pilot the Closed β in several few-hundred-people ventures and a thousand-person branch of a large corporation, we are looking to strengthen our organizational structure. You will take over the role of Product Manager from the 2 founding members and lead the product development as a mini-CEO.

As Lead Product Manager, you will be responsible for magnifying client's issues, setting priorities and milestones, and collaborating with the technology side to drive product development. You will also work with the ML Team and lead the implementation of AI products and services, with the mission to maximize ROI.

In addition, you will write your own SQL code to extract, format and analyze data as needed, and will be expected to flexibly absorb overseas trends and design essences as we expand, aiming to create a UI/ UX that requires minimal customization for each country.

The product development team is currently working with the support of two part-time members. As we are a small team, we are working with frequent communication, but as the number of product development members increases, we plan to bring the team to Scrum and Sprint at one to two-week cycles.

Our Product

BeaTrust is a product that helps employees visualize information and connect with each other no matter where they are or what kind of work they are doing.

In the future, we aim to provide a platform that makes it possible to visualize human resources between companies and to collaborate with the required people beyond company and country boundaries.

What you'll be doing:

  • Management of overall product milestones and prioritization of design and development

  • Managing metrics, including hypothesis testing and analysis of product KPIs

  • Conducting user interviews

  • Discovering client issues and testing various solutions

  • Decision making based on research of continuously emerging technologies

What you can expect to gain

We believe that this position is a unique opportunity to build a product that will address the organizational challenges of large corporations while gaining widespread recognition for its concept, making people think "I want to use it." We plan to leverage this momentum to achieve implementation at many major Japanese companies and build a track record of growing products towards global expansion.

Furthermore, we don't think there are many startups in the B2B Enterprise SaaS space that are able to handle this amount of sensitive assessment and natural language data of individuals.

Required Qualifications

  • Experience with product management in a public or Series A-sized company

  • Business-level English

  • Business-level Japanese (or is planning to acquire in the near future)

  • Willing to move to Japan (Loves Japan!)

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience with developing SaaS as a software engineer

  • Experience and expertise in machine learning product development and management

  • Experience working on globalized products

  • Intimate understanding and insights of large Japanese companies

  • Habit of trying leading worldwide products on a daily basis

  • Able to write your own code and create an MVP

The Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate should have high communication skills and an overwhelming love for our products. To effectively communicate with stakeholders, it is important to have high situational awareness and the ability to communicate in an appropriate manner. These are essential skills as a mini-CEO, as you must strategize about the present and future of our product.

In addition, a successful candidate will have a clear philosophy of product development and not only create what he or she wants, but will always have a user-centric approach and feel joy in solving our user's problems.

Please mention that you come from FreelanceForThem when applying for this job.

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